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Kerberbrothers Alpenfusion

BR2 Favorit


Alpine Fusion is created from a transglobal mix of authentic alpine sounds and ethno underground. Infectious rythms are combined with alphorn and Scherrzither, comtemporary jazz groove with yodel, zither and dulcimer.
The harmonic energy and the delight in playing, which are a characterisic feature of Bavarian folk music, are adopted in the alpine jazz. Both attain a new meaning because of the great variety of instruments and musical styles.
The three “Kerberbrothers” are from a well known family of folk musicians, who are very successful at international contests and on concert tours. Each one of them has finished various musical degrees and has an excellent reputation in different musical fields.
The band, with Tiny Schmauch (bass) and Pit Gogl (drums and percussion), now presents its new program:
Modern originals, written by Andreas Kerber, which are unconventional and leave room for improvisation – presented on many different instruments.
The alpine folk music is, due to its strictly conservative structure, not suitable for a homogeneous progression. The Keberbrothers Alpine Fusion picks up sensations of traditional folk music combining them with the spirit of the times by employing a concept of confrontation of old and new music.

1996 winner of the award “International Conference for Music at Lake Constance”
1996 winner of the “Schwaben-Song Contest”
1997 “Allgäu Grand Prix”: winner of the creative award
1998 German Folk Award