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La Bicicleta with Manfred Preis „Tangophil“
strikes the heart, enchanting and exciting, virtuoso and fascinating.

Manfred Preis (clarinette) - Judith Brandenburg (bandoneon) –
Javier Tucat Moreno (clavier) - Florian Kellerhals (violin)


In love with Tango

„Tangophil“ penetrates the soul of traditional Tango, adding a new impulse. A bandoneon and the bass clarinet, a piano and a violin - together they tell the tales of life, passionate and tender, with deep affection and without compromise.
„Tangophil“: Together with Manfred Preis, the bass clarinettist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the members of the ensemble „La Bicicleta“ Judith Brandenburg, Javier Tucat Moreno and Florian Kellerhals create a new dimension of music, enthralling and bewitching their audience.

In their own compositions and pieces ranging from Piazzolla to Ginastera, Tango will display itself with dedication and deep emotions, all its precipices, love, tenderness, despair and joy - the simple as well as the depraved sides of life.
New spaces of sound will open up in which limits are surpassed and emotions released.

The artists blend elements of Tango with Jazz improvisation, with contemporary music and latin-american folklore. A new style arises, enrichening modern Tango: The progressive Tango.

„Tangophil“ strikes the heart, enchanting and exciting, virtuoso and fascinating.

Whether in a classical concert hall, a jazz club or a ballroom – let yourself be touched and inspired by this music.


Manfred Preis (clarinet)

Was born in 1954 in Bavaria, Germany, studied with Prof. Gerd Starke in Munich and at the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1980 member of the German Symphony Orchestra and since 1982 member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
He won several prices in contests such as the Culture Price of the city of Munich, the Sponsor Price of the German Music Council, first price of the Prague Spring. He has been teaching for several year in various orchestras and festivals: Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival, Gustav-Mahler-Youth Orchestra, Jeunesse Musicale, Pacific Music Festival in Japan, and Instrumenta Festival in Mexico. He is also teaching at the Orchestra Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and has a teaching assignment at the College of Music in Augsburg and Weimar.
Manfred Preis is a member of the Chamber Music Ensembles Bolero-Berlin, Interclarinet and Woodwind Players of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He is often playing with the Scharoun Ensemble, the Philharmonic Woodwind Quintet, the Ensemble Vienna-Berlin and various chamber music ensembles. He is an internationally reputed soloist and chamber musician.


Judith Brandenburg, bandoneon

Judith Brandenburg, bandoneonist and composer, took her concert diploma in classical piano in Berlin and Bremen, Germany, before studying Argentine Tango at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Concerts with famous world music and Tango musicians brought her along to Germany, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. She has written music for theatre and film ("Mozart und Casanova", "Los Puentes de Berlín", "Tango Zarrentino") and played for many radio stations, TV and CD-recordings. Her repertory ranges from Piazzolla's „Maria de Buenos Aires“ and Palmieri's „Misa Tango“ to contemporary music. With her compositions for the Trio „La Bicicleta“, she has found her own style in modern Tango.


Javier Tucat Moreno, piano

Javier Tucat Moreno studied classical piano and chamber music in Buenos Aires, as well as composition and Tango arrangement with Beba Pugliese and others. Searching for cultural and musical exchange, he moved to Berlin in 2000 where he developed an intense activity as a pianist, teacher, composer and arranger. He performed the Philharmonie Berlin, Philharmonie Wroclaw (Polonia), Kleines Theater (Salzburg, Austria), Teatro Alcalá (Oaxaca, Mexico), National Concert Hall Taipei (Taiwan).
His style as pianist and composer shows the big musical and rhythmical influences of Argentine Tango and folklore.
Together with Judith Brandenburg he defined the modern style Tango progresivo.


Florian Kellerhals, violin

Florian kellerhals, born in Basel (Switzerland), played in several famous ensembles like the Kammerorchester Basel, Camerata Bern or the Camerata Lysy all over the world. As a soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster he played with Frans Brüggen, Thomas Zehetmair, Astor Piazzolla, Heinz Holliger and Fabio Biondi and made CD and radio recordings. From 1993 to 2008, he was concertmaster of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (Norway), then he moved to Berlin. He also performs at Jazz Festivals, improvises with electric violin and develops new instrumental techniques together with modern composers. In 2007 he studied Argentine Tango with Fernando Suarez Paz (the violinist of Piazzolla's last Quintet) in Buenos Aires.


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